Network Nation #48 COAF CEO Koryun Khachaturyan

The guest of the 48th episode of Network Nation Podcast is the executive director of Children of Armenia Fund (COAF) Koryun Khachaturyan. Watch the conversation on YouTube, and you can listen to the audio version at

Since 2004, the foundation has been implementing a number of programs in the regions of Armenia, especially in rural communities. The incident of a glass of water in a rural community years ago made me think about the social conditions of small settlements and the dignified life of the people living there. The despair of the population and the dilapidated infrastructure of rural communities were vivid proof that it is necessary to provide people with dignified life and development opportunities.

The goal of COAF is to provide opportunities for children, young people and their families, helping them to reach their full potential. To achieve all this, the foundation has adopted the most important values ​​and principles, which are very gratifying for us, because it makes clear that it is not just an aid organization, but also a new culture.

The result of these many years of dedicated work are small and large projects that have changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. COAF SMART Center, one of the big programs known to us by COAF, will soon become a center of opportunities for local youth in these two regions, Armavir and Syunik.

We talked to Koryun about many valuable topics ․ Why shouldn’t Armenia become a project, how to overcome the obstacles of omniscience, how to become one of all in the communities, to lead them to continuous development?

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This story is also available in: Հայերեն (Armenian)

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