Summer in Vanadzor

The simple story from Vanadzor city in my photo-collection made by various people. I will forward the energy of the summer Vanadzor in my photos here.

The third-largest city and the heart of Lori Province, Vanadzor is your travel destination to explore some incredible views of mountain ranges, architecture, and unique people. Located about 128 km north of Yerevan, the twisted and picturesque road takes to Lori, changing city views to the lake and finally deep green woods. Vanadzor, also called Kirovakan, is a blend of soviet times with industrial plants lying abandoned and pure nature. Today let’s take a tour to find some beautiful places to visit in Lori Province.

Vanadzor city overview by Anna Hovhannisyan

Vanadzor city overview by Anna Hovhannisyan

To be continued…

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